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Guest Nici

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Can anyone provide me with any information on Mounted Cavalry during WW1 especially in the Northamptonshire area. I believe my great grandad - George Green Warner - served in the mounted cavalry. The only photo we have of him during his service years is on a horse.

My email address is n.gooch@Campbell-morris.com

Thank you for your help

Nicola Gooch

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If you are able it would certainly be worth the effort to post the photograph of your great-granddad on this forum. There might be some clues to which unit he served in, ie cap badge.

There was a Northamptonshire Yeomanry unit, details of which can be found on the main site. Alteratively he might he been in the artillery as they relied heavily upon horse (I have a photograph of my great-grandfather in the RA wearing spurs holding the reins of his horse).

If you can track down his medals (maybe a distant family member has them), you should be able to find his unit. Or maybe if you have the chance head to London to the Public Records Office where you should find some info.


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Dear Jim

Thank you for your reply, I am waiting for my mum to post me the photo, when I receive it I will certainly post it on the forum. I have never come across any medals and my nan (his daughter) never mentioned any, but I will certainly ask.

Thank you.



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