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Understanding a letter and injury report


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Hi again, 

Here I have two documents on my Great Grandfather, his name was Archibald Gillies and these are from his time serving in the Machine Gun Corps.

The first and second one I am interested if anyone can understand what his injuries were because it states at the top “The disability is of a ___________ nature” and I cannot decipher what it says in the space provided. 

The third document I am just interested if anyone can get any information out of it but if not it is fine I was just curious. I couldn’t and I don’t know if it even means much but I figured I should try and ask.


Also so sorry for such quality as I could not download the images so I had to take a picture of them. All sources provided are taken from ancestry.com


Thank you for your time, 






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Please acknowledge source of documents as per forum rules 


thank you

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The disability is of a trivial nature  

that's how I read it

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