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Remembered Today:

"A West Pointer on Gallipoli" in THE GALLIOPOIAN


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A WEST POINTER ON GALLIPOLI was Sterling Loop Larrabee, class of 1912.  He had, however, been asked to leave in 1910.  So, in 1914, looking for his part in the Great War, he turned up in London and received a commission in the Royal Naval Division.


His story is largely told in his own words, from his papers in the US Army’s archives at Carlisle Barracks.  I simply pulled it together and checked out his references (hence the extensive endnotes).  Unfortunately, the superscripts for the notes did not appear in the text as printed (word processing programs are just full of practical jokes) but this should not prove too distracting.


Published in: THE GALLIPOLIAN, Journal of the Gallipoli Association, no. 149, Spring 2019.


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So many fascinating back-stories for amazing men.  We do tend to think of school, work then war as the standard provenance.  In that imperial age, there was more adventure to be had even outwith the War!

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