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Remembered Today:

Capt Gerald Nairne Reynolds MC 21ST lancers att 9 th lancers in trying to find what the MC was awarded for ..for a family member


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Here it is

Capt. Gerald Nairne Reynolds, LOTS. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He assisted in saving the guns of a battery, and in two subsequent actions behaved with great courage and gallantry.

The London Gazette

Publication date: 23 April 1918

Supplement: 30651

Page: 5013



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This should give you more to work on, as it gives the engagement



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Hi arantxa,


For his actions in October 19114. Physically decorated in October 1919.




Images sourced from The National Archives


Some PoW records can be accessed using the numbers shown on the image below via this link.


Image sourced from the ICRC




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thank you all   very much his grandson will  be very pleased I couldn't find anything his Grandson has his medals lance swords etc

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