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Black Watch Cap badges and the variations


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I was looking at a BW cap badge i have and comparing it to others on a website which appears to list most of them since the regiment was created.

There appears to be a few differences in design, particularly the thistle leaves above the Sphinx.

Mine has the Lacesset spelling but the leaves are more like the Victorian badge, or KK655, and yet these leaves on other badges are thinner and stretch to the letter C in Watch.


I've handled these umpteen times and it wasn't until i was studying it's design and the history behind it that i noticed the difference.


I assume this is genuine ? It looks it, it's hard but thin metal, has an almost silver plate patina to parts of it.74mm by 58mm - some others are described as being 70mm.




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Have a look on the Black Watch forum. Loads of info, huge number of variations.


58 DM

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