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notification of dead soldiers

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Hey all, 


I have a few questions that I have a hard time finding the answers to, any help would be appreciated :)


How were people in France notified of dead soldiers? I know that family members, parents or spouses, would be notified by the government per post, but what about people who might not formally be registered as family, such people in a consensual union without marriage or the mayor of the village/district where the soldier lived? Would they receive such post, and if not, would there be other ways for them to find out? I know that in England there were lists posted in the newspaper with names of the dead, missing and wounded, was it the same in France? Would such lists also be available in small villages? And if so, how long would it take between the battle and the names being posted in the paper? 


Thanks a lot!


PS: not directly related to this question, but does anyone know if there's an English translation available of "Des inconnus chez moi" by Lucie Cousturier

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