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Two buried at Immingham Lincs 26 Dec 1914

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just a quick question-was HMS Hardy in some way connected with the port of Immingham or Grimsby.

I found these two lads Seaman HH Rigby and AS George Woolgar (dow)  interred at Immingham around the 21st December. HMS Hardy 1st Fleet (4th flotilla) their vessel had been on sea patrol and engaged with the Germans as they rode into Hartlepool

. It just seems that Immingham is an odd spot to bury, described then as a tiny hamlet-much as changed-although there are 23 others there in total almost exclusively naval personnel. Also Immingham was home to the 7,8,9 flotilla.

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The only thing I can think of is that the doctor with responsibility for the RN Sick Quarters in Killingholme and Stallingborough (which are on either side of Immingham) had an address in Immingham - Jan 1915 Navy List https://archive.org/details/navylistjan1915grea/page/1002.


There were also RNSQ in Grimsby and Hartlepool. I can only guess that HARDY was based in the Humber estuary, came back with her wounded from Hartlepool and offloaded them direct to the doctor at Immingham because Grimsby and Hartlepool SQ were already busy (the SQ would none of them have been very large, as far as I know).



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The Humber would have offered the closest harbours to HMS HARDY from the point south of the Dogger Bank where she had been in action. Clearly neither man was claimed by his family for burial at home.

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