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U Boats lost in the Black Sea

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I notice a Turkish writer who posted these details on some U boat lost in the Black Sea?


Known U Boats lost in 1916 in the Black Sea


UB 45 Constantinople Flotilla 1916 Struck a mine off Varna 15 dead and 5 survivors 6-11-16
UB 46 Constantinople Flotilla 1916 Struck a mine in the Bosporus 20 dead (all hands lost) 6-12-16 
UC 15 Constantinople Flotilla 1916 Lost for unknown reason probably off Danube's mouth 15 dead (all hands lost) 30-11-16
UB 7 Constantinople Flotilla 1916 Mined in the Black Sea 15 miles SE of Varna all crew lost (15 dead) 27-9-16


UB 7 sailed on Sep 27th 1916 towards Sevastopol and never returned. We learned years later from a russian report that she was sunk by a russian seaplane near Kerson Sealighthouse very near at russian shore. UB 7 was the first Uboat ever sunk by a plane.
source: Çakmak p.289


On Nov. 24 1916 UB 46 sailed towards Köstence (Constanz) Without any sucsess she returned to İstanbul. On the way at Karaburun on Dec. 7. 1916 hit a russian mine layed by Krap although Karaburun was cleared by germans. It was a horned russian mine. Russian mımelayer Krap did exellend work.
source: Çakmak, p.291


UB 45 was active at east of Black Sea. Returned to Varna on Nov. 5. 1916. She hit a russian deep mine layed by russian minelayer Krap on Nov. 6. 1916 while sailing behind a mine sweeper. Only 5 survived.
Çakmak, p.290


I've not seen the extra details on how these boats were lost, how good are they?




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Michael Lowrey



They don't match what I have.


UB 7 has been found off Varna. What Çakmak lists was a commonly listed fate before the wreck discovery. The airplane bomb theory though does work even absent the wreck discovery as the body of one of UB 7's crew washed up on the Bulgarian coast.


UB 45: I have her as lost to a mine laid by the Russian auxiliary minelayer T 234 on the night of October 6/7, 1916.


UB 46: Sunk in a minefield that was laid by the Russian destropyers Pylkii and Derzkii on November 30, 1916,


Best wishes,


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The wreck of UB 46, at least the front part, was located in 1993 and brought to the surface. Some remains were found and buried in the Tarabya war cemetery near Istanbul. The wreck itself is now on display outside the Dardanelles Navy museum.

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15 hours ago, Oscar said:

The wreck itself is now on display outside the Dardanelles Navy museum.


These photographs are from 2013 and may be of interest













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