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What was the law on cigarettes in WWI


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Someone was asking about this report that they saw in the BNA.


It does not menton a rationing offence just being in possession of cigarettes.



Leeds Mercury - Wednesday 13 November 1918


Thomas Ernest Marsden, Darfield-street,  Ashley-road, Leeds, and William Burnley. Moore-street, Leeds, were, at a Northern Police-court yesterday, each fined for being found in possession respectively of a match and a partly consumed cigarette.

Charles Davison, labourer. Council street, York-road. Leeds, was fined £3 for being similarly in possession of six cigarettes.


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19 minutes ago, IPT said:

As Marsden was 37, I can only think that they were in a munitions factory or a mine? 


I did wonder if it was something like that because they referred to Northern Police court though giving the address of the two people charged does rather defeat hiding the location.


I might have expected there being something about having cigarettes in a prohibited place.



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That's what it is



Yorkshire Evening Post - Tuesday 12 November 1918

Northern Police Court. today, Thomas Ernest Marsden, labourer, was fined £2 for being in possession of a match while in a filling .factory.
A similar fine was imposed upon William Burnlev. labourer. who on being searched was found to have a partly smoked cigarette in his pocket.
. For having six cigarettes in his possession while in a filling factory Charles Davison, labourer, was fined £3.


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Thanks, will read more carefully later.


I wondered about munition workers but had nothing to confirm until I found the second news reports.  I knew there were strict regulations on naked lights in suck places but had not realised it was a criminal offence and just presumed the employer would take action.



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  • Admin

Health and Safety Rules made by the Secretary of State under the provisions of Regulation 35a Defence of the Realm Act (as amended) applied to Admiralty, Army Council and Ministry of Munitions premises (and yes DORA does say 'Health and Safety").



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