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Remembered Today:

Eastleigh CCS


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Picked up this real photo postcard of Eastleigh CCS the other day.


Those familiar with Eastleigh will recognise the CCS on the Leigh Road Recreation Ground.


Matching the shadows of the gable ends, it looks like the first row of wooden huts are on what is now the car park to the side of the bingo hall.

The brick buildings on the right, latreens & bath house, are under Sainsbury's.


The large building in the middle, with the ridge at 90 degrees to the small huts, is the kitchen and just right of the (still existing) bandstand.








ehccs 1916.JPG


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Think I preferred the 'then' picture. The centre of Eastleigh is not a pretty place these days.

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13 hours ago, jlankester said:

My little book on the Eastleigh CCS contains a detailed site plan of the Leigh Road Recreation Ground and its huts.

Hi John

I have your little book, and very nice it is too.

We met at one of 'Eastleigh Remembers' events which took place on the very site of the CCS

We discussed the St.John Ambulance badges on the sleeves of many RAMC men in the photos. You'll find the subject of these sleeve badges discused on another thread on the GWF.

My postcard in post 1 is not featured in your book but you do have a very similar view in your book.



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