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This war memorial at the Hollins Grove Congregational Church, Darwen is at risk of being lost. The church closed at the end of 2018 and the future of the building is unknown and therefore the Darwen Heritage Centre are looking at ways of saving the memorial.

The memorial is a mosaic 15ft I x 5ft and depicts Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” with a dedicatory left panel and a name panel on the right. When it was unveiled in 1921 it cost £1,900 (today in the region of £100,000). It is unclear as to how if it fixed to the wall. Possibly it is on a backing board and may be in 4 sections.


The Darwen Heritage Centre would like to know whether members of the Forum have experience with removing this time of memorial or know who we should approach.

Tony Foster

Chairman, Darwen Heritage Centre





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Michael Pegum

This beautiful memorial should be preserved. I suggest going to U.K. War Memorials (http://www.ukwarmemorials.org/), who can give advice and, possibly, a grant.



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Robin Garrett

I agree with Michael. The grant process is simple but the trust will not provide all the funds

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Maybe this company would be able to advise on how it's likely to be fixed to the wall. https://www.mosaicrestoration.co.uk/

(I have no connection with the company.)


I was gutted to find that the church had closed when, earlier this year, I was going to pay a visit there one Sunday morning, so as to be able to photograph the mosaic.

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Many thanks to Michael, Robin and BereniclUK


The fate of the memorial appeared in the local newspaper today:




I will keep you informed of developments



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I managed to get access to the closed St Mark's Church, Blackburn, last week, to photograph what I could of its war memorials. It's in the process of being sold for conversion to a home. Both the Diocese of Blackburn and the estate agents were very helpful.

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