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Doing a 'talk' ....

Idea: illustrate 'average' casualties over course of war. From what I've read 4 out of every 7 of those serving on Western Front became 'casualties' of one kind or another.

So I pick 7 punters to stand up .... how many do I say were killed .... wounded .... POW .... got through OK?


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Des, here`s an table you may find of interest:-


Chances of becoming a casualty depended to some extent on the fighting arm in which a soldier served:



Cavalry 0.25 0.72 0.11 1.08

Artillery 1.54 5.73 0.31 7.58

Engineers 0.52 1.87 0.18 2.57

Infantry 17.17 56.17 12.73 86.07

M.G.C. 0.43 1.63 0.40 2.46

Tank Corps 0.03 0.17 0.04 .24

TOTAL 19.94 66.29 13.77 100.00

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Cheers for that - I'll go for a rough infantry show!


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