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I was mulling over the idea of visiting Egypt next year to trace my Grandfather's footsteps in 1916.  Does anyone know of any WW1 battlefield tours working in that area?  Otherwise is it safe and practical to do your own thing tacked on to a standard package holiday? 




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I visited Egypt a couple of years ago, we booked flights and used a Cairo travel agent to provide a driver and guides.  This was during the tail end of the demonstrations. It was all straightforward and seemed safe even on a quick trip across the canal into Sinai (which near Ismailia is essentially one big army base).  Whether the presence of the army reassures you comes down to whether you think they scare off the bad guys or are targets for them.  I would be loathe to spend much time in North Sinai, and I wouldn't go too far without an Egyptian driver or guide.

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