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Finding regiment to register with IWM project

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Unable to locate regiment and  service no. needed for IWM Lives of  First World War registration.

Can any one suggest a regiment from below poor photo?

Not found match on records for soldiers in First World war.  Survived

Married Edith and Children include Rueben - not located records

Birth detail

Record Transcription: Category    Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records

Subcategory     Civil Births    Collections from    Great Britain, England

England & Wales Births 1837-2006   

First name(s)   GEORGE RICH

Last name       PARSONS

Birth year   1888   Birth quarter 2

Registration month-            (Said to be May)

Mother's maiden name   Rich

District   St. Saviour Southwark

County                                 London      Country                                 England

Volume   1D   Page   144

Many thanks

Parsons photo.jpg

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Certainly Royal Artillery, probably a Driver in the Royal Field Artillery - given his mount and spurs. If I had an initial contender it would be 1006 George R Parsons who later transferred to the Royal Engineers. 


I will have a search for him....


Kind regards, Daniel.

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There is a George R Parsons in the 1939 Register born 18/4/1888. Wife Edith (b. 1885). Children George, Reuben and Charles plus potentially another (closed record). 6 Camden Avenue, Camberwell

Probate record shows,died,18/6/1944 at St, Giles Hospital, Camberwell. Still living at same address.

Also found a baptism record for another child Edith May.

GRP married Edith Wyatt on 2/11/13.

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Jenni has confirmed she believed the above man to be the right one.

His children were born

George R 14/2/14

Edith May Parsons 22/9/17 

Reuben J 26/4/20

Charles E 10/12/22

Jenni - I would suggest ordering Edith May's birth certificate as if GRP was in the forces then it may list his service number. 


Her birth was registered in Camberwell, 4th quarter 1917

Cannot find any record that links a particular soldier to this man

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This is a great idea!  Will ask the granddaughter I am acting for.

Will see what happens and let you know!

I am not very familiar with the records but got 2  easier ones registered for another person. One was killed in action which IWM found for me so a quicker result on that one !  Many thanks Jenni

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