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As an ex Royal Horse Artillery gunner I like to travel around and visit/ photograph as many RA/ RHA fallen as possible. 

Today I visited Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery, Ypres

I looked up A W Harper on Find A Grave and looked at the image and found it was not of the correct headstone with the RA badge on. In fact I visited 38 RA fallen and each one had the same grave image on. (See Below). I even entered several other regiments only to find the same grave image. All the inputs were from the same couple “International War Graves” who are a couple who live in Sweden I believe. Email sent but no reply. 

The ones which were correct were entered by other people. I added the correct image to 38 fallen but can’t remove the false one. 

How many other sites has this been done at and why would you place a grave image from another fallen soldier I do not understand.

rant over 


Find A Grave to a Robert William Kilmister, Duke of Boots, West Riding Reg. 

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5 minutes ago, Dazscuba said:

Duke of Boots,


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Thank you!

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One has to assume a case of mistaken kindness, maybe the "culprits" thought a generic photo served better than none? 

It is, in all respects, hard to imagine this having been done with malice. 


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Dan I disagree, I have been to 20 cemeteries in the last week and look on the app and see which have no image and try to get as many photoraphed as possible. If I go and see that they are all complete I do not take images. How many this week have said that they need no images when I fact they do because they have they wrong one in. 

Also if I were a family member I would not be happy with another fallen soldiers grave image on instead of the correct one. 

It would have easy enough to put a generic picture of the cemetery there instead of the wrong grave on. 

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