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Remembered Today:

Signallers, 13th Royal Scots


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I came across this picture when searching through a box of old family photographs. All the others probably show great aunts, uncles etc. who I cannot identify, but this is a mystery. I cannot think why any relative of mine would be in the Royal Scots, but my grandparents lived in Basingstoke, where it was made (and taken?)

If you can shed any light on it, that would be interesting, or perhaps it is some use to you.

Entitled "Signallers - 13th Royal Scots", photographer's name Eric Guy, Basingstoke. On a postcard, but no writing and not posted.


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It was taken about February 1915 as that's when the 13th Royal Scots were in Basingstoke. See:


The peak caps they are wearing are one of the types of headgear issued with the 'Kitchener's Blues' uniform. I have a lot of photos of men in 'English' regiments with them on but this is the first one I have seen to a Scottish unit!

Interesting photo - thanks for sharing.

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Hi Angie,

I have emailed you about the postcard.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


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