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Sandhurst wartime course January to May 1915

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I would be very grateful if anyone knows of any firsthand accounts of this course from cadets who attended it, whether printed, IWM archival or otherwise. I know of two: Douglas Wimberley and Cecil Barton, respectively of E and A Companies. Cadets were officially supposed to arrive by December 28th but I know of one at least who didn't join it until February. They were gazetted on 12 May 1915. I am particularly interested in E Company but all thoughts welcome. I want to clarify (1) what was taught (2) sporting activities (removed from the official curriculum but clearly still took place) (3) leisure activities if any (4) any allegations of bullying or horseplay. 


I already know (see another thread!) that no photographs survive from this period in the possession of the RMC itself. I have two in my possession -- E Company hockey team, and E Company passing-out -- if anyone is interested. 

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