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Acronyms not listed on the site

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Can anyone help with what these acronyms stand for? They are in my Grandpa's pencil written notebook (war diary) of where he was when and a word or two about what he was doing, as a sapper in telegraphy  in N. France. They are all in capitals: CAR, and EAR. I believe RFC is Royal Flying Corps but it could possibly have an alternative? 

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Michelle Young



Welcome to the forum. The Long Long Trail has a list of acronyms, link above. RFC is Royal Flying Corps. Can you give the context in which these were written, or post images please?



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Yes, I had already checked that out but they are not on there. Grandpa often used a couple of letters for a place name, in all sorts of notes of his I've read, MA is Maidstone, his home town. However they don't all obviously fit that.


For instance VBX is Ville Bretonneux since he wrote:


"Transferred to EAR

 Villes BRETONNEUX 17.1.18

to NOYON (3ième Armee Francaise)

27.1.18 Returned from NN to NESLE before EAR  arrived on 12/2/18

Left NL 22nd 3.18 for 

VBX. Left VBX 25th March 4pm to Dury

arrived 12 midnight , left Dury 26th 4pm with CF - at HQVB

26th - 8th with POW 6.45pm 28th

Petit Blangy 7.30pm 27th/3/18. Back to HQ 30/3/18 (Dury)

In Rest Dury to Flexicourt 3/4/18 to Crecy (Marcheville)

4/4/18 Foret Machy 14.4.18-24/4/18

To signal Depot AB 24/4/18" and so on....


NB NOYON and NN could be Noyelle Vion as mentioned just before this extract, but it seems EAR might be a group of people not a place, or someone's initials?.


The other tricky bits for me to work out is as follows:

"Left St Pol for S.Sain Chateau I/C

with IOR to open & run office

write RFC 3rd Bde HQ on 1st/7/1916 Saty

Returned CAR following Thurs & veg 6/7/16 office closed"



"Avesne Le Comte 24/1/17 9.30 AM from

CAR (camp 10.40) AV 11.30 am with DGKnowles

to achieve WJP for leave & 2 FCO men.

Stay 27/1/17 Returned by lorry from AV 7.30pm

CAR 9pm attd.

1st relief Sun 28th 5pm

2nd relief Feby. 15th"


Any ideas of where to look next?






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