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Man of the Russian Labour Corp buried in Malta 1918

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Hi all,


In late 2018, I've noticed a rare gravestone at Pieta, Malta, which maintained of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This particular gravestone is of a member of the Russian Labour Corps that served at Salonika in 1918. His name was I. Kusnetzoff and died on 17 October 1918. The Commission sent me an email telling me that he may be a wounded man that was brought here from that sector, and he didn't recover and so he died here and buried at this cemetery.


Do someone know about this particular aspect not very known and why he was buried in Malta?


Thanks for anyone who might helping me my research.

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David's link will surely have a better answer but meanwhile, the link below about military hospitals on Malta which supported the campaigns in the Dardanelles and Salonika may be of interest



Despite the name, the Russian Labour Corps was part of the British Army Labour Corps in Salonika from 4 April 1918







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Hi Charles,

There was a Russian Brigade fighting with the French, Italians, Serbs and British in the Balkans up until December 1917 when Russia signed an armistice with the central powers, shortly after this some of the Russians left, but many stayed and were formed into Labour companies. This man was probably evacuated to Malta when he became sick and died there.

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