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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr

Absent Voters Lists held by the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr

Several lists relating to Welsh parliamentary constituencies are held at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. These lists are not listed in the library's On-Line Catalogue  and will not appear in a catalogue search.  They can however be ordered in advance for viewing at the library.

The lists are:


          -County of Anglesey 1918-21 (Six lists in one volume).



          -Carnarvon District of Boroughs (1919, unbound)

          -County of Carnarvon 1918-19 (2 lists in one volume)



          -County of Denbigh and Wrexham Parliamentary Division 1919 (In same volume)



          -Aberdare 1918

          -Merthyr Tydfil (Merthyr) 1918

          -Swansea (East & West) 1919



          -County of Merioneth 1918 (Bound at back of general list)



          -County of Monmouth 1919


I have seen, photographed and converted the Anglesey Spring 1918 list into a Excel spreadsheet.  It is comprehensive and apart from a few printers' errors,  appears complete, consisting of nearly 4200 names in all arms of the services. To view the items, you will require a reader's ticket (Photo ID, Proof of residence etc required). Although it is possible to make a "Non-catalogue request" using the website, it is easier just to ring the enquiries line on 1970 632933 (9.30-17.00) to order the relevant item.

The items are not digitized, but may be inspected free of charge at the library's reading rooms. They may be photographed (for a fee of £20 per day) or photocopied (30p/page). I presume that staff would photocopy a page containing a known name, address and regimental number, and post the item to you, although I am not sure what arrangements can be made with regard to performing a blanket search of a register. I suspect a researcher would be required for such a request.

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Do you know what the catalogue numbers are for these items?


The Cardiganshire County electoral roll 1918 is held by that County's record office in Aberystwyth.  It does contain "Naval & Military" voters amongst the usual civil ones, but only as the letters "NM" in the margin without referring to their unit, ship etc.  So of limited value.  


The Pembrokeshire County Records Office in Haverfordwest holds an AVL 1918 complete for that county.


The Carmarthenshire County Records Office in Carmarthen holds a nearly-complete (first page missing) AVL 1919 for the county.  It's marked "3rd Edition" in manuscript, so might be correct for later on in that year?  



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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr


As they are "Extra Catalogue" items I'm not sure they have a publicly accessible catalogue number as such.

They must have an internal catalogue number of some sort.

The Anglesey AVL has the number 'XCS 453' on the spine, but what the relevance of this number is, I don't know.

As I havent requested, nor seen the  other items, I can't say whether they have a similar number attached.


I might call to see the other documents you have mentioned.



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jay dubaya

Thanks for the heads up Dai, and just to add to this thread, I transcribed the Pembrokeshire AVL 1918 mentioned by Clive above, it's not available online so if anyone needs a look up or a copy please do ask, images of the original also avilable.



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