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New Zealand interest


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Spotted today driving from Napier to Wellington on holiday in New Zealand 20190214_120507.jpg.7ae358a71086b196d5f2bfd75491c497.jpg












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The same site was reused as a Japanese POW Camp in WW2. In early 1943 there was a sit down protest at the camp and in the ensuing fracas the guards opened fire killing 48 POWs and it seems one guard as well with a ricochet.


Wrong war but the site definitely has history.


My mother was born and raised in Featherston so used to visit the place regularly once upon a time.



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Fantastic photos.

While I pass by once or twice a year I have never stopped to look at the bridge. I have read that they often paint it up before Anzac Day.

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I seem to recall seeing Featherston mentioned on one of the NZ memorials in Flanders; possibly the one near the Church in Messines.

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Good Morning All,


For those that may be interested in the history of the WW1 Military Camp in Featherston.


There is a book called "Safe  Haven" written by Neil Frances. released in 2012.


It contains lots of photos, cartoons of the time, and much more....... 175 pages.


Used to live in the area and drive past often many years ago, and it was good to read about the detailed history of the camp.



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