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Remembered Today:

Joachim von der Lieth-Thomsen

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Would anyone have any information regarding


Lt. Z.S. Joachim von der Lieth-Thomsen  


or just Joachim Thomsen on CWGC




I know his father was was General Hermann von der Lieth-Thomsen co-founder of the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte and that, as a naval flier,  he was

shot down over the Thames Estuary during Monday 9 July 1917. Also on board his aircraft may have been Wilhelm Lőwes.


He was taken prisoner and later succumbed to to tachycardia and broncho-pneumonia.


Any information regarding the circumstances of him being shot down, aircraft etc. would be most helpful.


Many thanks,





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Kimberley John Lindsay

Dear Graeme,

That is Lt. z. S. (Leutnant zur See), incidentally.

Kindest regards,


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in case you were not aware Lt.z.S Thomsen and Löwe escaped from Sutton Bonnington PoW camp but were recaptured.

https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/List/3001469/913/587/  Rd587 has multiple pages so you will need to scroll through, I think the last newpaper cutting is on Rd590.



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Hi Charlie,


Brilliant, many thanks. 


I did not know such documents existed on the ICRC, an eye opener.


Thanks again for your interest in this thread,





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Sorry, a typo in my last post, it should be Rd590 not Rd580

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