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The Victory medal

John Shaw

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Hi pals

Try this one, how many nations issued the round bronze victory medal, the one with variants of the angel on the obverse? Further is this the angel of Mons.


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13 nations issued these Victory medals (14 if you include South African medal as seperate from the British Empire one). The nations were as follows...

Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslavakia, France, Great Britain (+ South Africa), Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Rumania, Siam, USA.

No, it's not the "Angel of Mons". Its a winged "Goddess of Victory" ("Nike") from Greek mythology, though the Japanese medal depicts "Takemikazuchi-no-Kami" ("Valiant August Thunder God"), messanger of the Sun Goddess, and the Siamese medal depicts "Naraibanleuchai", the Thai God of War and Victory (a manifestation of Vishnu).


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