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Ypres Saliënt day-by-day

Bert Heyvaert

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Dear friends,

As some of you allready know, I am researching for a d-base covering the fightings in the Ypres Saliënt from june 1915 till 30th of july 1917, the 'quiet period'. I will try to cover every event in the Saliënt, including all small actions, everything worth mentioning, on German and British side. It will be possible to search on unit, day, and place. As much info as possible will be included.

I know that many of you must have researched events from this period before, which is the reason for my appeal on this forum. Most works jump straight from 2nd Ypres to the Somme or third Ypres. The 'quiet period' is rarely covered.If you have any information whatsoever, even if it's only an account of a unit holding the line without being engaged in any major action, it can contribute to my work. The idea is for this d-base to become accessible to the public in one year from know, most likely later on-line as well.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


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Great idea Bert, this period is not well covered. I will send you info. on 6th & 1/K.S.L.I. in the four or five weeks. Good luck hope you get a good response.


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My specific interest goes to a military operation in Boezinge, east of the canal, in July 1915. It is described (summarized) on this page of my website (Diggers).


(Link to the webpage in English, but it also exists in Dutch.)

There is a lot more of course about it in what I have at home (esp. photocopies), and in the Ypres IFF Documentation Centre. (You know where that is ? l ;)

Should you want to know the sources (publications) let me know. Also publications about the rest of 1915 on that site. Unfortunately almost all I have is English sources (over three quarters).


P.S. Also a lot of stuff (extracts from Regimental Histories) about the First Attack on Bellewaarde (between Railway Wood and Menin Road) (16 June 1915)

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