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Casualty's Grave Identified

Terry Denham

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I just had to tell someone about this coincidence.

Last night I was trawling through my email archive when I happend to pull up an email to CWGC dated 01.08.2000.

I was enquiring about the lack of CWGC commemoration for one Saddler Charles Walter HALL RN Division who died (supposedly of the affects of war service) on 11.05.18 after discharge. His name is inscribed on the Southover War Memorial (Sussex) and his name appears in the book 'Men of Southover'.

The reply was that they had no record of such a casualty and there I left it (I wasn't very clued up on war graves in those days).

When the email caught my eye again last night (my wife's maiden name is Hall and so such casualties always get a second glance from me), I decided to see if I could progress the enquiry. After some investigation, I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had been added to the CWGC database in 2004 but his grave site was unknown and so his name was going on the Brookwood (United Kingdom 1914-1918) Memorial.

I was happy about this until, at about midnight, it came to me that I knew his burial location from my researches in 2000. He is buried in Lewes Cemetery, East Sussex - just down the road from where I live. This morning I drove down there and found his grave which is in very good condition.

CWGC will now change the details in their database and keep an eye on the private grave.

Fate was at work here. If I had not decided to trawl through five year old emails looking for something (which I never found), this man would only have his name on a stone wall near Woking, Surrey. His commemoration is now complete.

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With the run of very good fortune you've been having recently, can you choose me some numbers for the lottery tonight? :D

Well done, again.

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Good work.

I think there is a lesson to be learned here.

Never give up hope. The missing piece of the jigsaw could turn up in any form.

I had one casualty on my own memorial, and it was one that I posted on the forum before. Tom Tulloch Marshall was consulted and an enquiry to CWGC a few years back, even Chris on here. But I’ll never give up trying to verify that the two names that I have are the same person.


James Brown

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Great piece of work.

As we all know research is never done, there is always something out there waiting to be found. I have loads of names wandering around in my head looking for information.

My wife says I have a head full of broken bottles! I like to think they are intact and waiting to be filled.

Its good to know that another bottle is filling up! :lol:


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