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Family medal reunite

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My great grandfather, William nobes, served with the RBR in the balkans and died in May 1916 . His medals have been missing from the family for in excess of 50 years. Forum member holymoleyRE contacted me last week to say the Williams victory medal was being auctioned this week. With his help I have managed to secure the medal so it will be reunited with the family for the first time in a generation.

many thanks to holymoleyRE for giving me a heads up regarding the medal. I cannot stop smiling

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Always good to hear of a family acquiring lost medals they'll treasure.



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Kimberley John Lindsay

Dear cf159qj,

HolemoleyRE, aka Andy, is an extremely clever researcher and a Great War Forum luminary.

He has helped me on numerous occasions. Well done, Andy!

Kindest regards,


Edited by Kimberley John Lindsay
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My pleasure Nick, glad to reunite them... Unless someone digs up the M1 near Belfast I think my GGF's MM group are lost forever... I would love to know the where abouts of my other GGF Henry Draper 25th Battalion Royal Fusiliers medals. 


Thanks for the kind words chaps. 


My men from Hermitage collection is slowly growing, now have 4 groups. 


Private CH Silvey MM 9th Battalion London Regiment 

Lieutenant EC Denis De Vitre MiD RBR

Private HC Giles Berks Yeo

Lance Corporal VE Giles RBR. 




Edited by HolymoleyRE
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Well done, always nice to get reunites 

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