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rob carman

Photos of Norfolk Territorials - pre-war or Great war?

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rob carman

Please can you help me date these three photos showing Lt Col JR “Bob” Harvey and men taken on the same day as they marched through Norwich.  


This is what I have so far:


Top to btm:

Image 1. (Stephen Rogers, Norwich Remembers, facebook)
Image 2 (bugeye, ebay 12 November 2018)
Image 3 (bugeye, ebay, 9 April 2018)


Images 2 and 3 were taken by Mrs Swain, Norwich who was in business from late 1907 to the Great War.  I think it very likely she took all three. Are there other photos in the series?


Harvey was CO of 1 Vol Bn, Norfolk Regt from January 1907 to April 1908 and of 4 (TF) Bn, Norfolk Regt from Feb 1910 to late 1915.  In between times he was on the supernumerary list.  Harvey (and 1/4 Bn) left Norwich for Colchester in the early hours, 8 August 1914.  He was on sick leave, probably in Norwich, from 9 July to 19 August 1915.  1/4 Norfolks left Liverpool for Suvla on 29 July 1915 without Harvey.  He sailed later, on 19 August, and departed Alexandria for home on 5 December 1915.  He did not command a Norfolk battalion again.  


Electric street lights were installed between 1910 to 1913, although if gas lights were simply converted not replaced, the change may not be useful for dating.  


The same 40 or so open topped tram cars were used throughout the life of Norwich’s tram service and seem not to be useful for dating.  


I am hoping there is something about their uniforms and kit that will give a clue.


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The officer leading the way has a collar and tie, which indicates a date post 1912, and for TF very likely 1914/15, as they often took longer to kit themselves out with new patterns of uniform, even when officers.

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rob carman

Thank you.

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