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middlesex regiment 1917 help wanted


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over on the soldiers forum have i posted a topic all about a MC to the middlesex regiment to the following man, (please look at the this thread)

His name were ernest william evers, went to france 17.3.1915, commisioned from L/Corp to 2nd LT(t) 3.10.15 and through to Captain(t). - all middlesex

he was killed in action on the 23rd of November 1917, 15th battalion middlesex but attached to the 21st battalion and remembered on the cambrai memorial.

The help i would like is;-

Does anyone own the middlesex regimental history or can anyone tell me what the 21st battalion were doing on that day, i'm pretty sure they were attached to the 40th (Bantam's) division engaged in the battle for bourlon wood.



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From the history of the 13th Yorkshires.

"Orders for the attack arrived just after midnight and zero hour was 10-00am on November 23rd, objective being Bourlon village and wood.

20th Middlesex were on the right of 13th Yorkshires and 21st Middlesex in support,12th Suffolks in reserve.

Morning brought a blustery N/E wind with sleet showers.

By 9-30am the tanks were seen moving up from the soputh and battalions went forward behind them meeting some resistance and flanking fire from machine guns.

By noon the outskirts of Bourlon village had been cleared and all resistance swept away. The village itself was then cleared with a good deal of hand to hand fighting.

Lines of communication had been stretched and the 21st Middlesex in support were drawn in.

By 3-00pm the Germans considered the Bourlon positionlost and began to bombard the place and start a series of counter attacks.

No reserves were immediately available and the battalions had to hang on frequently surrounded by enemy counter attacks.

It was not until some time between 8 and 9 that night that reinforcements arrived, a composite battalion of cavalry who took over the line, the relief being completed by midnight on the 23rd."

Not much but hope it helps.


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