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David Garside 2
On 11/01/2019 at 22:39, clk said:

When you can access his service record, it seems that your relative that posted on the Unsworth memorial website had found that, but missed that prior the Armistice his overseas service was with 282 SB (and reincarnations). Once you've been through it all, might it be worth contacting the website and asking them, for historical accuracy/posterity to amend their records?

Hi Chris,


I have taken on board your comment. However my attempts to make contact about the inaccuracies have so far proved fruitless; but this is early days.


Meantime, I have just discovered the Imperial War Museums' fantastic contribution to ensuring that as much as possible is made known of all those who served in uniform, worked on the home front or made a contribution during the First World War. You may already know that to do this they have created this commemorative website entitled 'Lives of the First World War', on which information about these people can be recorded by the general public. I think this is a brilliant idea. So, I have made it my personal duty to ensure that John Edward Garside; AKA Jack is remembered for posterity. I have now commenced populating his personal web page with all the information gathered so far and all the information that I can successfully gather in the future. It is a work in progress and it can be found here: https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/lifestory/1312704.


Thanks for your assistance in enabling me to do this.






P.S. I don't know who posted on the Unsworth Memorial Site, I think not a relative but probably an inhabitant still in that area. There is a contact email address if you search around long enough, which I have written to but I have no replies.

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