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Elizabeth Lamb - WW1 Nurse?

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Uncovered a photo of my Great-Grandma, Elizabeth Lamb. The only

photo I have is this one. Its only just dawned me on, that it could be from a particular era... can someone confirm this? I know nothing about her apart from

she was born in 1894 in Hetton le Hole, County Durham and died in 1934.


Any help appreciated!






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14 hours ago, ForeignGong said:


The British Red Cross site has three Elizabeth Lamb cards, one may be her. Good Luck






Thanks! I saw those, but they are listed at Norwich and Penrith as places of permanent residence. I'm not sure on the background of VAD nurses and if they were relocated from elsewhere?


 I'm also not sure that is if she is actually one? The uniform looks about right though? Can anyone confirm that? 





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Here are some uniform pictures http://www.scarletfinders.co.uk/157.html - I don't think your photo shows VAD uniform, but there is nothing to stop her having come in to the VAD from other nursing service.


The archives of the Royal College of Nursing might hold something: https://www.rcn.org.uk/library/archives

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