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26th Battalion - Royal Fusiliers

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Hello all


I’ve recently discovered that my 3x Great Uncle, James Pearce Hambleton, was killed on 25 October 1918. He was in the 26th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Number 35925.


Does anyone have the diaries for, say, 22-28 please?


I’d really appreciate any help. Any other information would he greatly appreciated too. 





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Not the War Diary, but the official regimental history "The Royal Fusiliers in the Great War" by H.C. O'Neill is available as a free download from archive,org. The relevant pages look to be 326-327.



The narrative shows them being in action alongside the 10th Queens on the 21st. A part of their diary is online but it looks like the narrative of the events is an appendix so you'd need to consult the full War Diary to see if  that gives you anything, (and I'd suggest going for the Brigades War Diary for the month as they often contain a copy of the appendices which have gone walkies from the battalion diary).



The 26th Battalion according to O'Neill's book were withdrawn on the night of the 23rd. They were attacking again on the 25th and pulled out on the 28th.


Hope that helps,


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