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steve fuller

Labour Corps 413537 - issued when and which unit?

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steve fuller

Morning all, 


Does anyone have info when the Labour Corps service number 413537 was issued and which unit it was for please?


Many thanks


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Hi Steve


Up to 170140  April-May 1917.
170141 to around 357600 June-Sept 1917.
357680 to around 362500 Sept 1917 in Egypt.
362600 to around 364000 Sept-Oct 1917.
364250 to around 364700 Early 1918 in Irish Command.
364700 to around 388200 Sept-Nov 1917.
388300 to around 389500 Oct-Nov 1917 in Salonika.
390000 to around 393400 Sept-Nov 1917.
393460 to around 394300 Oct-Nov 1917 in Salonika.
394500 to around 484900 Oct-1917 to Jan 1918.
485000 to around 489600 Nov-Dec in Salonika.
489600 to around 533000 Oct-Feb 1918.
533200 to around 534100 Jan-Feb 1918 in Salonika.
534100 to around 542000 Feb-March 1918.
542000 to around 543000 March-April 1918 in Egypt.
543000 to around 547800 Feb-March 1918.
547900 to around 549850 May-Sept 1918 in Egypt.
549900 to around 555600 May-Sept 1918.
555600 to around 559100 May-Sept 1918 -Russian Companies.
559200 to around 587450 May-Sept 1918.
587500 to around 588200 May-Sept 1918 in Salonika.
588200 to around 602800 May-Sept 1918.
602800 to around 603400 July 1918 Graves Registration Working Parties.
603400 to around 603700 May-Sept 1918.
603700 to around 621000 May-Aug 1918 mainly PoW Companies.
621000 to around 622800 Oct-Nov 1918 in Egypt.
622800 to around 649400 July-Sept 1918.
649400 to around 655100 Oct-1918 mainly PoW Companies.
655100 to around 694400 Sept-Dec 1918.
694400 to around 711000 Primarily men who enlisted in 1919 for exhumation & reburial duties in France.
711000 to around 995500 Various dates mainly from 1919 onwards.

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LLT shows, in 1917 re-numbering of TA RE, 413537 was within a range allocated to Lowland Field Companies RE.

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steve fuller

Great info Gents, thank you :) 

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Glenn Ralphs

Hi All

my Grandfather Edward H Meyrick was in the Labour Corps no, 452510.


any ideas which regiment he would have been attached to or where I go to find more?


he was born and lived in S Wales.




Glenn Ralphs

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It’s usually better to start a separate thread but Edward Meyrick transferred into the Labour Corps October 1917 - January 1918 (as above).  He did not serve in a theatre of war with any other unit. (Medal Roll).


Based on surviving records he was conscripted and ‘deemed to have enlisted’ under the terms of the Military Service Act.  

He was mobilised and posted to Western Command Labour Centre Oswestry, mid-November 1917, probably on the 14th.  

Men with similar numbers were posted to France in December, which unit is a bit more difficult.  Men were sent where they wer most needed.


You don’t say how old he was, he may have been called up earlier and posted to the Training Reserve but found unfit for general infantry service and therefore posted to the Labour Corps as above.




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