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Remembered Today:

Served in 5 Regiments

Anthony Bagshaw

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Doing some research today and came across an interesting chap.

His name is Lance Corporal Herbert Longley. What is interesting is that he served with 5 different Regiments throughout the war but never rose above Lance Corporal

Here they are:

1) 21684 Notts & Derby Regt

2) 115045 Liverpool Regt

3) 23265 Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt

4) 1272 Royal Irish Rifles

5) 8247 Connaught Rangers

Firstly, has any one ever come across this before?

Secondly, what do his service numbers tell us (if anything at all)

Thanks in anticipation


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I came accross exactly the same thing today! A friend brought a death penny she had found in her garage, (long story), to see if I could help her find out any details. It is in the name of George Montgomery, of which there are seven, after some research we are very confident that he was the brother of her Grandmother. We looked on the NA site for campaign medals and found the following:

Private 56083 Hamps. Regt.

Private 345435 Labour Corps.

Private 36062 Sussex Regt.

Private 48250 Beds. Regt.

Pioneer WR208212 RE.

Whats more, the CWGC states that when he died in August 1919, he was only 21.



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I wouldn't say that it was all that uncommon to be honest. I can think of two soldiers in my own direct family alone who served in 11 regiments/corps between them in a little over 4 years.

Indeed, a little later, I know, but my own dad managed to serve in 4 different regiments (East Lancs, Kings Own, Worcesters (!), and the Manchesters) in just over 3 years (1950-53).


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Ian, Dave,

Thank you for your replies. It just seems strange to me that a man could serve with all these regiments in about 3 years of war.

This chap also served in the Second World War as he was entitled to the Defence Medal. Home Guard though, i think??

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