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Who were the POWs shot by the Labour Corps?


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The war diary of the Deputy Assistant Director of Labour in Italy reports a sad event on 31 December 1918: when a number of enemy POWs were marching through San Bonifacio, Italian soldiers threw bread to them from a bakery. It is apparent that something of a scuffle broke out, resulting in one man being killed, two wounded by rifle fire and one by bayonet. The casualties were caused by 505 POW Company of the Labour Corps. 


I have not had time to look in any other war diaries that might expand on this, but while I do that I would be interested to know: how would I trace who the dead man was, and where he is now?


( I can Google like a good 'un but haven't found any good leads ...)


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I would have thought that a Court of Enquiry should have been held.  Does the War Dairy of DADL not give anything?

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Sadly it does not. And I discovered yesterday that the war diaries that might have contained more info have been withdrawn from the National Archives and are at present in the hands of the MOD, so it will be a while until I get to see them.

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