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Identifying a Rifleman from the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles

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I came across a picture taken by Major R. Tuckett of members of the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles that was posted on the IWM's twitter account. My interest was peaked by it being of the 2nd RIRs near Ypres in the winter of 1914-15 which my great great uncle served in from 1907 to 1915. My interest really peaked when I looked at the rifleman 2nd from the right who strongly resembles my great great uncle Andrew Johnston 8856. I have some pictures of my uncle due largely to the work by Robert Thompson on WW1 veterans from Bushmills, Antrim which is were my family is from. I have compared the pictures in software from the LDS FHS website. My pictures are fairly grainy but two comparisons came back with 62% and 67% probabilities. The IWM website says the notation on the back identifies the rifleman as Cpl Jackson. I have a copy of my great great uncle's service record. It reports that after being wounded during the retreat from Mons in late Aug 1914 he returned to the 2RIRs in Belgium from January 1915 to late June 1915 when he was shot in the left leg. The wound required the leg to be amputated and he was discharged in 1916. There are periods on his record that he was A/Cpl and L. Cpl.



I would be interested in hearing back from members on their thoughts of the rifleman being my great great uncle. The features that stand out to me are the eyes, moustache and particularly the lines under the cheeks which were also features of my great grandmother, his sister, and my grandfather. If any members have experience using facial recognition software I would appreciate any advice or comments.  




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Well, I have no experience but he looks like the same man to me. Sorry I can'thelp any more than that.

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