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Red Cross VAD - Member S.F.A.B.?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm going through some Red Cross VAD index cards on this site: https://vad.redcross.org.uk/

and I've come across an abbreviation: Member S.F.A.B. which I'm puzzling over. The lady in question was employed as a night nurse, I think it's probably First Aid for the F.A. bit and I'm toying with it being Special First Aid Board/Body as she was a member of it. Can anyone enlighten me with a better explanation please?


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Of course it is. Doh, thanks Gents. I've been looking at florid script too long...

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2 hours ago, Jim Strawbridge said:

As a pedant I must correct and say that it is actually St. John Ambulance Brigade.


Correct away.

Rather embarrassingly, on the back of the card is this stamp ...staring me in the face.


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