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Remembered Today:

Opening of Parliament 1917 - Imperial Mounted Escort

Neil 2242

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When King George opened Parliament in 1917 he was accompanied by an Imperial Mounted Escort comprising officers from India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Newfoundland and the West Indies.

Below are the Indian officers, who happen to be the ones I'm interested in. The image is from the Illustrated London News.

My question is, does anyone happen to know of any other images of them from that day? Any pointers appreciated.



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Thank you....I hadn't even thought of moving pictures! ;)

That's tantalising, 13 seconds only but definitely them.


Now that I'm looking for video clips too, here's another



Doesn't show the Indian escort, but can possibly see the New Zealanders at one point judging by the headwear.


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another video clip
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