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The RAF in Albania

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I was reading through the recent posts here and thought some of you might be interested to know that there's a book (well, I am the author...), available on Amazon, covering the British air involvement in Albania during WWI. Starting from late June 1918 the RAF played a relevant role in this area, a role that so far has never been adequately acknowledged.

The book, In The Skies of Forgotten Courage, has been published in the USA, by Aeronaut Books, in March 2018 (ISBN-13 978-1935881629).

It also covers the bombing campaign launched by the RAF against the Austro-German U-boat base and shipping in the Gulf of Cattaro, as well as the a/s activity carried out by the Royal Naval Air Service in the Otranto Straits area.





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Congratulations on your book Ago.


In The Skies of Forgotten Courage: The RNAS and the RAF in the Adriatic and Albania 1917–1918 by Andrea Casarrubea


Comments about the book from The Aerodrome Forum



Amazon.com link with a "Look inside" additional link





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