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Guest Jimmy Knacky

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Guest Jimmy Knacky

I have carried this on from "Interpreting medal index cards" with the info I received there.

Robert William Wilkinson Gunner 10802 1st Divisional Ammunition Column Royal Field Artillery.

Qualifying date 16.08.14. France.

Prior to May 1916 Divisional Ammunition Columns were Brigade Ammunition Columns. (info supplied by the Long Trail)

He did 21 years in the army and came out in 1919.

Woolwich Arsenal is that where his artillery were stationed just after WW1.

And how does Woolwich Arsenal come into the equation after WW1 i.e. 1919.

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Jimmy, didn't I see a different thread about this today?

1st DAC was the artillery transport unit for the RFA Brigades attached to 1st Division. It was formed by merging what had been Brigade Ammunition Columns into a larger unit.

If you check out the1st Divisional order of battle and history summary on the Long, Long Trail you can find out more about how they fitted in, and what they did.

The 1st Division moved into Germany as part of the armistice conditions. It was then renamed the Western Division. It moved back to England in late August 1919. Not sure if the DAC units would have gone to Woolwich, but it would figure.

You might also find this description of what made up an artillery Brigade useful.

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