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Remembered Today:

Welsh Brodie with unidentified second unit designation


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I've had this splendid helmet for a long time in my collection. As a collector of Welsh WW1 pieces its one of my favourite helmets. It has the leek on the right side which ties it down either to the Welsh Guards or Welsh Horse and then an unidentified piece of unit insignia on the left side which I am yet to determine. It doesn't conform to the divisional sign of either the Guards or 74th Division so I am wondering if it could be a company designation. A black triangle on a beige/white background (presumably the background just there to pick out the triangle against the dark helmet). My only other thought was 4th Welsh which had a black triangle as their unit identifier - but that was usually a broader based triangle and they weren't known to wear the leak.


Do any of the insignia buffs out there have an idea?




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No idea on what it signifies, but I must comment on what a great helmet it is.

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 These pics taken from the 'WW1 British Battle Insignia' book may help.

There are plenty of other battalion black triangles illustrated in the book but only these two have the Welsh connection.





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Thank you very much for posting the pages Paddy. The book is on order and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I hadn’t realized that the 17th had a black triangle. The leek was of course in common using as a national symbol and I’m wondering, given the lack of evidence of either the Welsh Guards or Welsh Horse, both of whom utilized it on their cap badges using a black triangle in any form, whether it was an individual soldiers personal statement. Unlikely but possible...


thanks again.

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