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My brother and I are trying to find details of our Father who served in the Royal Navy in WW1.  We know he served at HMS Vivid and HMS Implacable.

He also served on HMS IDAHO but we cannot find out what type of ship this was,  Have conflicting information as either a Hired Yacht/Special Service Vessel, later a tug

or a Depot Ship at Milford Haven.

According to the records we have he served on HMS Idaho from 23.1.19 to 24.3.19.

Can anyone help with what type of ship this was Please?

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Hello Mate,


Quote by Horatio2.  

HMS IDAHO was the depot ship/parent ship for trawlers and drifters (most of them hired) of the  Auxiliary Patrol based at Milford Haven. Although most support activity (including pay and administration) was carried out ashore, such 'stone frigates' had to be commissioned RN ships as men had to belong to ships in commission to be subject to the Naval Discipline Act. 'Nominal' ships fulfilled this need. HMS IDAHO was, initially, a hired yacht of that name until January 1919 when the name HMS IDAHO was passed to a trawler, GIOVANNI GUNTI and the yacht was returned to her owners. Before August 1916, the Milford Haven base was known as HMS SABRINA or SABRINA II, the role being met by another hired yacht of that name.


Hope this answers your question.




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