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Remembered Today:

Interesting web site

alex revell

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Excellent link. Many thanks.

Being totally ignorant of the workings of TwitFace, can I ask how 'permanent' this sort of collection of photos etc is ? I always thought of FB as ephemeral rather than an archive. Replies in non technical language please.



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Thanks to Alex for posting the link - which took me straight to the Netheravon Concentration Camp section.


This shorter link


leads to the start of the Facebook pages, and clicking on Photos in the left-hand column takes one to a wealth of photos of the Military Aeroplane Competition, including several postcards that I would love to add to my collection. (but which would cost  a great deal).


One minor  reaction was that a certain eBayer would have a field-day copying some of the photos and offering them for sale at £3 or so a time, but that's a hazard of putting images on today's Web.


What might be added at a later date is coverage of the Great Air Race of 1911, when Lark Hill was the last stop before the final leg.


Charlie is correct to wonder about the permanency of Facebook. The Facebook page relating to the topic in Open Bolt's post no longer seems to be available. But it does seem a useful medium for the current topic, as others can add to it all the time, though comments are usually brief.


Alex: might I suggest that you "edit" your opening post and add as tags "Lark Hill" and "Netheravon". Only because it's another wet afternoon did I Iook at your thread and on busier days I might not have bothered, with there being nothing to catch my eye.



(I thought that I'd earlier posted a shorter reply here, but it doesn't seem to have appeared - I think there may have been a brief hiatus in the Forum's working?)

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2 hours ago, Moonraker said:

I think there may have been a brief hiatus in the Forum's working

There was. i was shut out.


Re Facebook ephemera. Do the page owners (is this the right term ?) realise that it can disappear ? But of course the GWF could disappear if the owners didn't pay the Elec bill ? This is a concern for all those blogs and sites that have sprung up for the centenial. There is some wonderful stuff that we'd hate to lose sight of.



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