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35649 - Wilfred Lloyd Lansley South Staffordshire Regiment - Enlistment date estimate

Blue Dragoon

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based on the following army number could some SME provide an estimate of an enlistment date and potential transfer date for:


35649 Private Wilfred Lloyd Lansley




1st named on MIR - 4th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment

2nd named on MIR - 1/6th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment


many thanks for any pointers



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The soldier was 12 on Census Day in 1911 so was 18 in April 1917 and on the verges of being sent to war. No clear date found for enlistment (there are those here who might have better knowledge) but some numbers seen on Silver War Badge Lists indicate enlist late 1916 early 1917.

4 Battalion went to France in Oct 1917 (7 Inf Bde of 25 Div) and due to heavy losses in Jun 1918 were moved to a Composite Brigade. July 1918  heavy losses again, reduced to cadre strength, so a possibility of transfer to 1/6 thereabouts. Medal Rolls show a fair few of 4 Battalion around his number went to 1/6.

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sound assessment sotonmate, many thanks

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