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Hello its my first time here, while looking through some papers of my great great grandads I came across this old photo of him. He served in WWI with the RFA and I am not sure what uniform this is that he is wearing. He was recalled up at the beginning of the war as he was a reservist, I don't know if this would have been from WWI or something earlier.


Any information on the uniform would be much appreciated, thanks in advance regards Russ.


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Both men are wearing 5-button undress frocks (loose fitting jackets) and pill box forage caps of the RFA and dressed for ‘walking out’ (of barracks) with white belts and gloves and either, whips, or swagger canes (the bottom can’t be seen to confirm which). This was typical pre-war dress when out on the town and very commonly seen in garrison towns like Woolwich, Aldershot, Colchester and the Curragh.

The type of cap worn changed in 1902 and then again in 1905, so the photo was probably taken a little after the Boer War.





OC374 (1).jpeg

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