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Kilted Highland Soldier


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I don't think he is a 9th Royal Scot as the cap badge is too big and the glengarry was the diced one. I know that in a previous posting it mentions that the diced ones were replaced by plain. However, every photo I have of the 9th is with a diced glengarry.

All the best,


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The kilt apron makes very little difference to warmth, in any direction. It is only a very thin garment not even as insulating as a groundsheet. It was made of a khaki coloured cloth but not khaki serge.

Whilst there are occasions in print where the kilt is not worn under the apron - most notably 'The Middle Parts of Fortune' by Frederic Manning - it would have been a rare occurance.

All the best,


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Hi Joe,

I stand corrected.

Very interesting to read about the front apron being non-issue by the outbreak of WW1. I expect that they come from the turn of the century as no photo of a kilted regiment I have seen around the Boer War has a full wrap apron, just the front cover.

Have you an inventory for the Boer War era?

All the best,



No I don't have a Boer War inventory. The closest I have is the 1894 Clothing Regulations.

I have the RACD pattern registries from 1900 through 1929. I also have the Priced Vocabularies from 1907 through 1915 w AO updates. I also have all the GRO's issued in France during the war.

My knowledge really decreases with things before 1900/01 and after 1929.

The full Wrap apron only dates from 1903. Pattern 5847 was introduced in 1903 and modified in 1904 by removal of the hooks.

The front aprons could also have been old stocks but were no longer procured by the war Office after 1903.

In 1906 there was quite some discussion with-in the DEOS (its 1906 equivelent) about issuing a drab kilt as part of Service Dress instead of Kilt and Apron.

In 1914 this became reality for some units as kilts were made in drab as a stopgap measure.

Joe Sweeney

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This is best I can achieve with my limited computer skills ..... I don't know if it will be of any further benefit!

Thanks for all the info from you all, to date. The debate is great and I am learning so much.



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It is the only badge who goes with the kilt.

except 6th HLI i believe.

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Dunno what Battalion, but that is a Black Watch cap badge.



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Don't know if it helps but James Young Duncan ( see my signature) is on the Coupar Angus Memorial just down from Blairgowrie. He died in the Welbeck Rangers, Notts and Derby Regt but was ex Royal Engineers. Seems he was an RE attached to the BW in 39th Division originally. One I keep looking out for info on so keep going.



Hello Malcolm,

I have been researching the War Memorial in Blairgowrie, Perthshire for the last four years. The work is almost finished! and the local History Trust are funding the publishing of a book. I have made some initial research on the Alyth and Coupar Angus names. A small piece appeared in the Blairgowrie Advertiser under Coupar Angus news, as follows;


Pvt. James Duncan, Sherwood Forresters, grandson of Mrs Duncan, Campbell Street, late of George Square, has been killed in action. He was brought up here, and was a painter to trade. For some years past he had worked in Broughty Ferry, where his wife and young family reside.

I know that the Peoples Journal (Perth & Stirling edition) containes hundreds of photographs. I'll keep a look out for him but don't know when this will be as it takes ages to go through the microfilm. He may however be in the Dundee edition of said paper. I have not checked these but assume it would take the same format as the Perth/Stirling one.


Mark Duffy

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