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Book on Tallaght Aerodrome

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Hope someone can help me on this one. Some time ago I gave a talk on the RFC/RAF at Tallaght Aerodrome. Afterwards, a member of the audience mentioned that a book had been written about the aerodrome by, I think, a pilot stationed there.


The book recounted incidents like locals getting into trouble for not removing their caps for God Save the King, and other less controversial incidents.


A visitor to our library has asked about it. Is anyone familiar with such a book? If the author's name was produced I'd know immediately if it's the right one.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Dave,


I've seen various quotes from a Frank Argent of 106 Squadron re Tallaght/Cookstown but suspect that these may have come from an article in a flying magazine rather than a book. 


The IWM sound archive does have some interviews from former personnel who served in Ireland, though not all are online, e.g. Ernest Hugh Haire mentions Gormanston and Dublin in Reels 15 and 16:



Don't forget that RAF personnel needn't have been stationed at Tallaght in order to have it feature in a memoir of theirs. For example see the reference to the Irish Aerial Derby of August 1919:


https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1919/1919 - 1088.html?search=tallaght 


Leaving aside the flying services angle, see this PQ reply of November 1918, which refers to non-RAF personnel being on aerodrome duties, e.g. Tallaght had 360 discharged soldiers:


https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1918/1918 - 1266.html?search=tallaght 

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