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206 Squadron

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I'm researching my Grandfather's time in the RFC/RAF

He was John Charles Sommerville, born 1898

I've found a document relating (I think) to his transfer to and demob from the RAF after the war, (206 Squadron) but there is no service number that I can make out, and much of the writing is indecipherable.

This is the only record I've been able to find that definitely relates to my Grandfather.

Any help appreciated in making sense of this document appreciated.




john sommerville ww1 record.jpg

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The only John Charles Somerville is the one you found, the document being AIR 79/79/2567/294529, with 294529 being his service number, a batch issued to civilians from 7.18 to 9.18


He was 2nd Class Private


RD is the Recruits Depot

SAG is the School of Air Gunnery


Reception Camp

Stores Dept

HE=Home Establishment for demob


I can't quite read the postings in May 1919 - is an enlargement possible?



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