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121st Coy MGC diary?

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Hello - I’d be grateful for some help locating the appropriate diaries for 121st Coy Machine Gun Corps. I see that they moved to No 40 Bn MGC in March 1918.

From reading other posts I’m aware that there are some errors in the NA’s labelling of MGC files. Could any of these be on the right track? Looking for more years than just 1918.




Many thanks


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Ron Clifton

Hello Will


The diary you want is the third one in your list. It is also available free on Ancestry. TNA doesn't so much mis-label these diaries as omit the company number entirely. (It does the same for the brigade trench-mortar batteries, and some of the divisional troops.)


From March 1918 onwards you want the first diary in your list. The second diary is a red herring, as it relates to the entirely different 40 Brigade MG Company.


Good hunting!





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Ron - many thanks, I'm very grateful for your advice. I will download that one now.

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