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   Turned on the Parliament Channel (BBC-232)  yesterday. We are not allowed to comment on matters political but the debate is likely to be repeated (perhaps ad nauseam) over the next few days. Most speakers seemed to be speaking from prepared briefs from external bodies in which they have an "interest"-eg Lord Black of Brentwood basically gave an "Annual Report" list of achievements for the centenary years for IWM- no surprise he is a Board member. He also gave a good resume of animals in the war, with a strong plug for Blue Cross ( Wake up Broomfield) . Overall, a little tedious and a little too schmaltzy for me.

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Debates of this type, whether in the Commons or the  Lords, although Parliamentary, are, unlike most the usual business carried out there, not usually along political lines and, of course, do  include an element of 'back-slapping' (well if they don't, who will..). That said, speakers do often come up with interesting snippets of information related to  topics in which they have special interest, events, stories and people associated with the areas to which they have a connection.


The Hansard record for this debate: Armistice Day Centenary Part I & Part 2 (but no less tedious than the TV version)




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I listened to the first half of the debate in the Commons and was particularly impressed by the standard of members' contributions. There were no party-partisan points and some of the contributions were quite emotional. 


I didn't catch the Lords debate but from Voltaire's description it seems to have been similar but slightly inferior because of the special interest pushing.



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