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Rob Bulloch

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Hello to the Forum.

While browsing through an antique come collectables shop I came across an old photograph album with the usual family pictures in it but at the back of the album I came across several old WW1 postcards dated 1914 showing war damaged buildings, on the back of the cards bottom right side is a stamp which reads CHAMBRE SYND FRANCAISE on the front some of the place names or part of the place name has been inked out could this have been done by the censor all the information on the front of the cards is in French. any information on this would be great, Thanks in advance.

Ps Needless to say I did purchase the cards.

Cheers to the Forum

Yours Aye Rob B.

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Were they subject to censorship on the German side?

I find that I have not come across any British postcards with any type of censorship. I also find that shocking photographs of dead do not seem to appear on British war era postcards, yet I have been able to acquire many such cards mailed in Germany. The fact that these cards were sent and are found fairly easily today, indicates that there must have been some way for German soldiers to avoid censorship. I haven't found anything specific on the censorship of German soldier's mail, but this comment from Laurence Moyer's book on Germany in the Great War. To put it in context, he is reviewing the mood in Germany in late 1916.

Page 148 - "The impact on the home front was no less extensive. As stories from survivors made their way through cities and towns, a perceptible depression emerged. To counter the rising despair, censors issued a catalog of forbidden themes that included a prohibition of pictures of mutilated soldiers, stories dealing with artificial legs and hands..."

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Hi Rob

I have a number of cards which have had the place name removed by the censor. This was usually done by blocking the name out with pen or pencil, I have one where the name has been scratched off and one where the name has neatly been cut out of the card.


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